Job Media of IT/Web Trade

"Green" is the job site to support the employment of growing companies which adopted the success fee structure ahead of others in HR field. As a completely new matching platform for people and companies in the Internet era, we generate an efficient match based on the extravagant data of recruitment and of job transfer we accumulated. We accurately offer an optimized proposal of job offers to job seekers and talents to companies.We provide value inexpensively by making the most of IT, compared to the former services which are closed and expensive because of analog mediation.

Recruitment Tool of Using SNS

“Yenta” is a matching app that utilizes AI technology to help connect business professionals. Every day at 12 pm, you are presented with 10 recommended profiles. Swiping right on a profile indicates interest and presents you with an option to exchange information. "Yenta" tailors its recommendations for you based on your swipe history. The more often that you use it, the better it can present profiles relevant to your needs. "Yenta" provides you with an opportunity to discover potential business relationships as we continue to provide value to international business based on our concept: “ Create the meeting for business-engined.”

Engagement Analysis Tool

"Wevox" is a service to help companies improve. Its own survey system allow companies to visualize their whole situation including employee engagement and help them comprehended and solve issues with the results.
In addition to the above "engagement function", Wevox also provides a "stress check function" to carry out "Stress Check Test" which the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has mandated from May, 2015. Analyzing these results encourages companies to bring in a positive cycle to improve and make a better business environment.
We believe more and more people will be happier at work with Wevox.


Business Diversification Keyword of strategy

In addition to promoting our current business domain, human resources, we take a diversification strategy with the Internet and IT basis. In the era of the Internet, in which product lives are so short, key factors for sustainability of a company are the accumulation of know-how and organization culture that can continuously produce services which can be applied to the drastically changing world. We will continue challenging ourselves to maximize our value to society by making strategic business units flat and minimum size. We believe these small units will lead to heightening members’ awareness of management, responsibility, maintaining a sense of speed as a venture company, and capacity to adapt to environmental changes.

Step1 Tech x HR To be the top of company in Japan and then lead Asia

We are aiming to become the No.1 HRtech company in Japan. To lead Aisa in HRtech by 2020, we will expand our business into other Asian countries by establishing subsidiaries and partnering with various companies.

Step2 Tech x Other Fields Create value in the world

We are tackling new businesses challenges beyond the domain of HRtech, striving to create value for societyas well as represent Japan globally.
We will continue to contribute to society by creating new variety of value and aim to be representative of global company in Japan such all of people love in the world.