Our CEO will appear in Business Breakthrough TV Program “Organization Theory creating results”


We proudly announce that our CEO Yoshihide Arai will appear as a guest in the TV program “Organization Theory creating results #7 (成果をもたらす組織論#7)” on March 12, 2018 by Business Breakthrough. *Broadband broadcasting on skyperfectv 757 channel.

In this program, he explained his ideas for Atrae’s organization, such as Holacracy management and 360-degree evaluation system. (recorded on 02/16/2018)

Below are the details:

Name of the program 「成果を生み出す組織論(Organization Theory creating results)」※Content for subscribed members
Date 03/12/2018 * Initial Broadcast
Official web site https://bb.bbt757.com/
Lecturer Minoru NODA Professor, Professional Graduate School of Global Business Research, Meiji University
Anchor Nanami NISHINO