Privacy Policy

We, Atrae Inc. put our best efforts that all of our board members and employees surely follow and practice our privacy policy, since we recognize that protecting personal information is a critical issue for us to provide our businesses, such as “Green” as a recruitment media, “JobShare” as a social recruiting media, and other new businesses.

Treatment of Personal Information

We establish a management system to protect personal information meeting our work conditions and treat it appropriately and carefully according to the internal rules.

(1)When we collect personal information We make the purpose to collect your information clear and use a legal and a fair means to collect it within the necessary limits to meet the purpose.

(2)When we use personal information We use your personal information only within the limit of the purpose you agreed.

(3)When we provide/commission personal information to outside parties We provide/commission your personal information after we obtain your permission and only within the limit of the purpose you agreed.

Enforcement of security measures

We endeavor to prevent leaks, losses or damage of personal information by taking security measures such as information security measure and ensure the accuracy and safety of it.


We strictly follow the laws and regulations regarding protection of personal information in order to accomplish secure protection of personal information.

Constant Improvement of personal information protection management system

We endeavor to maintain personal information protection management system to be in the best condition by constantly improving it through chances of internal audit and re-examination by our representative of the employers.

Our respect to your rights for your personal information

We sincerely respond when asked to disclose, correct or delete personal information, or when you decline our terms and condition to use or provide your personal information.

Established on 1st July, 2014
Updated on 1st April, 2015
Atrae, Inc.
President & CEO Yoshihide Arai