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Create the company which attracts people in the world.

We do the best that we can to stay as an attractive company for everyone who has been involved with us by focusing on creating both the team and business that our employees are proud of.
Then we will become the global leading company in Japan which is needed by millions of people around the world.


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In 1997, when I started my job-hunting as a fresh graduate, the Internet was not completely widespread and I remember that one-third of university students didn’t have their own cellphones. Not to mention, Google did not even exist at that time.
During that period, I attended several company information sessions, struggling with thick and heavy job magazines that were just like phone books, I realized that I couldn’t have any interests in any companies. ‘I’m not able to find my best fellows who make me think that I want to spend the precious time of my life to aim for something in earnest with them!’ I was frustrated.

While at the same time, I had a sort of longing for the people like athletes and artists ー such people were featured in a TV program like ‘Jounetsu Tairiku’ or ‘Professional.' I knew they are spending their days with their fellows aiming at their dream through their friendly, but also tough competition. But, why cannot we find such a team in business world? Why do words like ‘promotion’, ‘business title’ and ‘salary’ only attract everyone’s attention in this world? These were the questions I asked myself at that time.

Most employees may spend more time working than staying with their families. I think it is sad if their job is only for earning a living.

'I deeply want to live a life in which I can keep aiming for something valuable with the best fellows, because I only live once.'

I found myself considering like this. However, even though I tried hard searching an ideal team as possible as I could, I couldn’t find one in business world.

‘OK, then I’ll create it myself.’ That’s when I got my sight on founding a company.

Now I feel a bit kind of shame with this childish and inexperienced idea as I look back, though, I am sure this is the origin of my company foundation.

I have a desire to create an ideal team in which every member can fervently chase a dream just like sports teams do.
My image of an ideal team which I want to create has been never ever changed from the time of establishing, even after I have grown professionally through my gradual business experience in which I learned various things as the system of the capital market or stock companies.

We would love to create an ideal team with the best fellows who spend ‘time’, the most precious resource in human life, to chase our dream, and then, live the life in which we keep trying to create something valuable to the world. We would love to create the team like the basketball club of ‘Shohoku high school’ which appears in the Japanese comic ‘SLAM DUNK’ in business world. These are the unalterable figure of Atrae which we will realize.

I can’t be happier as a founder if these ambition will be taken over by new generation of both management and team members, and if they make people in the world more and more attracted to our company after I retire someday.

About Atrae

The meaning of【atrae】 is “attract” in spanish.
The infinitive form is “atraer”, and “atrae" is the third person singular form of it.