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About us


Create a company that attracts people all over the world

At Atrae, we are committed to creating an organization and business with people who all feel proud of what they do. Our goal is to be an attractive company that not only pleases its clients and shareholders, but that also inspires the devotion and support of everyone who is involved with it. Always maintaining a progressive outlook, we embrace diversity and continue challenging ourselves to offer genuine value to the world.


A company that we can always feel proud of

The most essential thing for us as a company is that we feel a sense of genuine pride about what we do, so that we can always hold our heads up high among family and friends. Both as an organization and as a business, this is Atrae’s most fundamental and vital management philosophy.


The people who make Atrae special

Each of us is passionate about our business and driven by a desire to make Atrae “a company that attracts people all over the world.”More than anyone, we believe in the potential of Atrae. With the determination to make the company’s vision a reality, we push forward, embracing every challenge before us

CEO Message

I want to live life challenging myself, working together with the best colleagues I can find, to do something of genuine value for the world.

I want to live a life that enables me to invest my most precious resource, “time,” in continually challenging myself to create something of genuine value for the world, by creating an ideal team with colleagues and companions I can work together with to pursue a common dream. My goal is to create, in the business world, teams like the Shohoku High School basketball team in the manga series Slam Dunk.

Origin of Atrae

'to fascinate,' 'to attract'

The word atrae means “to fascinate” or “to attract” in Spanish. Driven by a desire to “create a company that attracts people all over the world,” Atrae strives to be a leading and innovative global company.

Logo concept

Atrae is led by 'I'

We believe that each of us in the company is more than just a part of Atrae; we are also representatives, leading the company. Every employee at Atrae has a strong sense of ownership and determination to move forward, to make Atrae “a company that attracts people all over the world.” This logo expresses the idea that 'each and every one of us leads Atrae as an owner.'

* The symbol ':' stands for '=' (equal sign).