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Initiatives for realizing a society where people feel motivated to work

We believe that a company is a mechanism to make everyone involved happy. By continuing this cycle of happiness, we aim to realize a society where people feel motivated in their work.


  • In a knowledge-intensive society, we believe that the greatest competitive advantage a company can have is its people. We are pursuing an organization where motivated employees can work without unnecessary stress.

  • Out of respect for our employees’ sense of ownership, we have implemented the following initiatives.

    • An autonomous and decentralized organization without job titles

    • 360-degree evaluation system

    • Stock compensation system and employee stock ownership plan to encourage employees to make management decisions from a shareholder perspective

    • Flexible corporate culture that allows super-flexible working hours, bringing children to the office, and unlimited remote work


  • By providing value to users and clients, and receiving adequate compensation in return, we aim to increase the corporate value of our company and client companies.

  • As one of the services provided by the organizational capability platform Wevox, we hold online seminars to support organizational improvement that anyone can attend. We also focus on disseminating information in order to raise the level of engagement in society as a whole, such as publishing reports on changes in engagement and organizational improvement.


  • Information Disclosure and IR

    We conduct corporate activities with the aim of realizing a society where people feel motivated in their work. To ensure that these activities are understood and supported by our shareholders and other stakeholders, we disclose appropriate information in a timely manner and enhance the transparency of our management.

    We hold financial results briefings after the disclosure of full-year and quarterly financial results, and post financial results, annual securities reports, quarterly reports, and briefing materials on our website. We simultaneously disclose both Japanese and English versions of financial results and briefing materials, and are also working on translating the notice of convocation of the general meeting of shareholders into English.


  • Through sports

    We believe that sports have the power to inspire people, regardless of culture, nationality, or generation. Through the power of sports, we will contribute to the revitalization of local communities through our newly established professional basketball team Altiri Chiba, aimed to attract many people.

  • To students

    We provide the engagement analysis software Wevox free of charge to student organizations such as sports teams.

    We are also working to contribute to the education sector by conducting joint research with universities on organizational improvement.