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Environmental Policy

Our mission is to create businesses that broaden people’s potential through technology, and we recognize that we have built a business portfolio with minimal environmental impact since our founding. In addition, we will promote the following initiatives to solve environmental problems.

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

    • Encouraging employees to live close to the office

      We encourage our employees to live close to the office by offering housing support to those who live within 2.5 km, and approximately 50% of our employees commute to work on foot or by bicycle.

  • Efficient use of resources

    • Promotion of a paperless system

      Our company has a policy of not using paper materials for internal meetings. All employees are provided with laptop computers, and there is a high level of information transparency, allowing us to share digital materials flexibly. We are also promoting a paperless system outside the company by introducing electronic contracts and invoices.

  • Response to Climate Change

    • We will measure and disclose our greenhouse gas emissions and work to improve our energy efficiency.

Information Disclosure Based on TCFD Recommendations

In July 2022, Atrae announced its support for the recommendations of TCFD. Climate change risks/opportunities in the People Tech business were identified and financial impacts were analyzed.