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Creating businesses that broaden people’s potential through technology

At Atrae, we define our field of business as “People Tech.” This term, which we coined ourselves, expresses our strong desire to create businesses that use technology to broaden people’s potential.


Contingency fee-based recruitment media that energizes people and organizations with an IT industry focus

Green is a recruitment media service that supports the hiring needs of fast-growing companies. It has introduced one of the industry’s first contingency (success-based) fee systems. As a platform for matching people and companies, we offer advanced matching between job seekers and hiring companies by analyzing our vast quantity of data on employment and career changes. By maximizing the use of technology, we have created a platform that provides value in an open and inexpensive manner, as opposed to the traditional recruiting business, which had to be closed and expensive due to analog human intermediation.



Organizational capability platform to increase the number of people who feel that “We are the team!”

Wevox is a service that creates improvement cycles for organizations. Using employee surveys, which can be answered in just a few minutes, it helps to identify and resolve suspected issues by making visible factors such as the level of engagement and the current state of the organization. Through skillful application of vast amounts of data, service design that takes into account usability, and surveys backed by academic studies, Wevox makes it possible to immediately grasp the real issues that the organization is facing. Organizations from many different industries and sectors are using the service, including companies in finance, healthcare, food and beverages, as well as sports teams and governments. “We are developing the service with the goal of increasing the number of people who work energetically.” This is the aspiration behind the development and operation of the service.

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A business matching app that creates encounters that accelerate business

Yenta is a matching app for business people. At 12 noon every day, users are presented with 10 recommended business contacts. They can swipe for each person based on whether they are interested in meeting them. If two parties match—that is, they express interest in each other—they can exchange messages. Thanks to our unique recommendation algorithm, the more you use the app, the more likely you are to find what you really want, thereby resulting in an increasingly better app experience. In fact, Yenta has made many valuable encounters happen. It has helped people to find suitable partners for a startup, to form business partnerships, and to make highly successful employment decisions. Based on the concept of “encounters that accelerate business,” we are striving to create an application that will serve as hubs for accelerating global businesses.

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Altiri, Inc.

Create a sports team that attracts people all over the world
Professional Basketball Team Altiri Chiba

Altiri Chiba is a professional basketball club based in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. It was established in July 2020 with the vision of creating a club that attracts people all over the world, and was officially accepted to the B3 League in 2021. In its first season in the B3 league, Altiri secured promotion to the B2 league. In 2023, it won the B2 League regular season East Conference championship. The team name and logo, which express the team's identity, represent the vision behind the team. "Altiri" means to "attract" in Esperanto*. The logo, inspired by the form of a shield symbolizing victory and courage, shows the initials "AC", which stands for Altiri Chiba. Through the power of sports to move the hearts of all people involved, we will attract not only the people in our hometown, Chiba City, but also the whole of Chiba Prefecture and the wider world of basketball. Together with the people of Chiba, we will create a club that will spread its wings from Chiba to the world.

*An artificial language designed to connect people regardless of their mother tongue or culture.

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