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Atrae's organization

Our style of work

Continue to create an organization full of motivated people who work energetically without unnecessary stress

A company is a team whose members have the will and desire to realize a vision. We do not want to become a place where people are unable to work wholeheartedly because they are affected by stress due to internal politics, competition for promotions, factionalism, or negative work practices. We want to maintain a culture and environment where motivated individuals can pour their passion and energy into projects that they believe in, without having to deal with unnecessary stress.


Atrae Standard

Atrae Standard is a set of fundamental values for “creating a company that attracts people all over the world.” For each person at Atrae, these five values serve as a common language for pursuing our ideal company.

Work style

Creating the best environment for us

Each of us works with motivation and drive, like an athlete striving for their best ever performance. Since this is our company, we are free to create the most comfortable and conducive working environment possible.