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Work style

A system that allows us to work in the best possible environment

#01 Transparency of Company Information

All company management data, documents, and meeting minutes are posted online, and chats are open to everyone. Twice a month we hold online company-wide meetings, in which all employees can actively participate. Thus, everyone is free to access whatever information they need, whenever they need it. This kind of system encourages all members to have an executive perspective, to think for themselves, and to work with initiative.

#02 Flextime

Every individual in the company enjoys the discretion to choose their work hours and location. For example, some employees bring their children to the office, others choose to divide their work between the office and home to achieve a better work-life balance. To enable our members to contribute to the company while dealing with the various events and challenges of our personal lives, it is essential to have an environment that allows us to choose the best work style for our particular circumstances. Since we can all trust in the good intentions of our colleagues, there are no rules that control, monitor, or constrain us. This allows us to enjoy working with only the bare minimum necessary rules. We support each other as a team so that motivated members can work without any unnecessary stress. This is what we call the Atrae “superflex” system.

#03 360-Degree Assessment

We have introduced a 360-degree performance assessment system, which means that instead of being assessed by the company, employees review each other. These assessments, which are conducted twice a year, are focused on how much individuals are contributing to the realization of the company’s vision. As an “owner” of Atrae, each of us has to think about what kind of contribution is valuable and how much it is worth. Our opinions then help to make decisions about how to best distribute our valuable monetary resources for the members.

#04 Atrae Premium Friday

On the last Friday of each month, the company holds its regular “Atrae Premium Friday” (ATPF for short), where we all think about management, organization, culture, and other matters. At each gathering, we form cross-business groups to discuss the topic of the day. The discussions delve deeply into the company’s mission, philosophy, and values, by examining questions such as “What do we need to do to get closer to our ideal organization?” “What does it mean to ‘contribute’ at Atrae?” and “What is the ‘ideal team’ at Atrae?”

#05 All Employees Make Business Decisions from a Shareholder’s Perspective

The company issues stock options and restricted shares through an employee stock ownership plan and its capital policies. In this way, employees effectively make business decisions from the viewpoint of shareholders.

#06 Challenge Leave (also known as "Charlie")

A special leave system that supports members' challenges that contribute to the company's growth. We actively support challenges that bring us closer to realizing our vision and continue to win in the capital market over the long term. This leave be taken as paid leave for up to 6 months.

#07 Comfortable Workplace

We have designed our office very carefully, to create an environment that allows all employees to perform at their maximum potential. The workplace features a number of spaces that can be freely used, including small, quiet spaces for individual use, open spaces for active discussion and communication, a kids’ space, and even a bar area for casual drinking and socializing.