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Message from the CEO

We believe that a company should be a means to enhance the well-being of everyone involved — employees, clients, shareholders, and society as a whole. Since our establishment in 2003, we have been striving to increase the number of people involved in and impacted by our business, while placing importance on making everyone happy.

We are committed to building an organization in which motivated employees work energetically, providing value to customers through our services and products, as a result increasing our corporate value, and contributing to society not only through tax payments and employment but also through various other activities. We believe that expanding our scope of influence by continuing to repeat this cycle is what running a company is all about.

In recent years, social issues such as the SDGs have been gaining attention around the world, and the promotion of ESG initiatives is indispensable for the sound operation of the above cycle. Among the many issues that our society faces, we believe that our mission is to create a society in which people feel motivated to work. We have been and will continue to take on a variety of challenges.

Yoshihide Arai President and CEO Atrae, Inc.

Identifying our materiality

In order to realize our goal of creating a society in which people feel motivated to work, we identified the priority issues (materiality) in the economic and social areas.

Materiality identification process

  1. By referencing international ESG guidelines such as FTSE, MSCI, GRI standards, and SDGs, we identified social issues that are highly relevant to our business activities.

  2. All employees discussed the social issues and weighed them based on their importance to the company's growth and economy, and to society. Then, these social issues were assessed for relevance to our business strategy through discussions by the Board of Directors, and materiality was ultimately identified through a resolution by the Board of Directors.

Materiality matrix

MaterialityIndividual issuesRelated SDGs
Creating a People Tech Business that broadens people’s potential through technology
  • Promoting human resource mobility and optimal placement
  • Supporting organizational improvement through visualization of engagement
  • Promoting the diversification of work styles through the empowerment of businesspeople
  • Utilization of the senior generation workforce
  • Supporting the work participation and advancement of the child-rearing generation

Establishing a sustainable organization and management practices
  • Cultivating a corporate culture in which all employees have a high sense of ownership and a management perspective
  • Organizational management focused on improving employee productivity
  • Delegating a wide range of authority and providing discretion as an autonomous and decentralized organization
  • A system that allows all employees to access various management information
Creating a strong, secure management foundation
  • Initiatives to promote data security and privacy protection
  • Strengthening our financial base
  • Enhancing and ensuring our corporate governance
Socially-oriented initiatives
  • Support for the economic growth of emerging nations
  • Youth development through sports
  • Contribution to local communities through sports
Contributing to the global environment
  • Responding to climate change (encourage walking and bicycling to the office via housing support)
  • Efficient use of natural resources (thorough implementation of paperless office)