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Pursuing the values we believe in, with people who give it their all

We only have this one life, so we want to spend our time doing something we can be proud of. The only people who can change this world are those who never turn away from what they believe in. Imagine how quickly we could make a difference if we worked together with people who share the same vision.

People Tech — Using technology to make people all over the world happy. This is what we started because we truly believe in the potential of people. It is something that we can achieve because everyone is willing to take on the challenge together while trusting each other.

There are many kinds of challenges. There are no right answers, no endings. We can start again at any time. Let’s savor the joy of truly challenging ourselves, right here, right now.

“If you don’t have an opportunity to truly express your passion and enthusiasm, create one yourself.” People who all feel this way strongly have come together, to create an organization called Atrae.

If you have any interest in Atrae, please check the pages below.

We use the symbol “:” in the Atrae logo to mean “=” (equal sign). It expresses the fact that each employee is not just a member of Atrae, but also a representative of Atrae who leads the company. If you are interested in creating value for the world as a member of Atrae, please check out information about career opportunities here.