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#01 Core Value - Atrae is Me.

As Atrae “owners,” we strive to create an ideal organization driven by our own ideas and sense of responsibility, without leaving the future to others.

What is Atrae style? Every member of the company reflects constantly on their actions, asking themselves not “What can the company do for me?” but rather “What can I do for the company?” With this attitude, they challenge themselves seriously and continually toward the goal of creating an ideal company. This is what we call “Atrae Style.” This means that no one is dependent on anyone else, that no one feels forced into doing things, and that no one leaves tasks to others. Rather, everyone remains highly focused on the question of “How can I help to make Atrae a more ideal company.” This is the spirit of “Atrae is Me.”

#02 4-way obsession

Without allowing ourselves to be limited by preconceptions or precedents, we strive to create win-win situations for everyone involved.

We believe that a company is a means for making all the people involved happy. Focusing on immediate sales and profits cannot lead us to becoming an ideal organization. Even if it is a difficult road, we continue to challenge ourselves by focusing on the happiness of employees, customers, shareholders, and society as a whole.

#03 Go above and beyond

If we’re going to do something, we do it in such a way that people will be amazed.

After understanding the expectations of users and colleagues, we enjoy challenging ourselves to create something that truly amazes people, something that far exceeds their expectations. Creating something awesome surprises and impresses the people around us, and inspires interest and enthusiasm in the company. Without recognizing any limits, we strive continually to improve ourselves. In this way, we achieve dramatic growth for Atrae.

#04 Integrity first

Avoid doing anything uncool or lame.

In every kind of situation, we make sure to only say and do things that the people we love would be proud of. Ultimately, it is the words and actions of every individual at Atrae that make or break the company’s reputation. As representatives of Atrae, we must earn the trust and appreciation of society, so that we can continue to be a company that our loved ones can be proud of.

#05 Cheer on the team

Individual power strengthens the team

A company is like a mikoshi (portable shrine) carried by a group of people at a festival. Unless every member of the group has the right sense of responsibility and collaboration, it will never be possible to move forward or turn in the right direction. As each of us feels the weight on our own shoulders, we call out to each other, encourage each other, and help each other. By multiplying our individual efforts, we can make Team Atrae the very best it can be.